All About The Traveling Photographer

This photographer LOVES LOVES LOVES taking pictures of people in their natural habitats. I believe the best--and the most beautiful--photo I can take of someone is in a place where they are naturally comfortable.


I have enjoyed taking pictures since my first child was born. I wanted to capture EVERYTHING! Every facial expression, every moment, every outfit...;) As my family has grown, so have my abilities as a photographer...along with my equipment. I still prefer, however, simplicity in my photos. Natural light is always a must, along with simple props...if any at all. 


As an artist, I am self-taught. My inspirations are the works of Nick Kelsh and Tomang, whose books have helped me to keep it simple. I also have a degree in fine art, which aids in the artistic perspective of my photographs. 


So get comfortable, look around, and feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to capturing some unforgettable moments with you!

Prices Beginning January 2016


Family Photo, senior pictures, new born packages start at $75                 

      Wedding Packages start at $400


With any session you get one free flash drive full of edited pictures. 

Any beyond the initial free flash drive will be $15 each.


Prices are for local sessions only. Any travel beyond

the Belle/Bland area will incur a travel fee based on distance.